Note: This is a dream logo you cannot see in real life.

Background: This was renamed from SuperMarioLogan Home Entertainment. Vyond Home Entertainment is a home entertainment division made by Vyond Pictures. they are also owned by GoArchives (now Vyond Releasers).

On October 12, 2018, after GoArchives celebrated their 10th anniversary, Vyond Animation also owns GoArchives, Vyond Animation now owns Vyond Home Entertainment.

(May 5, 2018-)

Nicknames: “Characters Dancing”, “What Happened?”

Logo: On a white background, we see the vyond video maker (it's on Business Friendly). The Business Friendly versions of Eric, Brian, Kate and Ms. Read comes. We see the user icon. They make a new tab. It reveals we are on Google Chrome. We get Comedy World back. We go back to Vyond. He refreshes the page. The video maker changes to the 2018 version with Comedy World. The Business Friendly characters changes to the Comedy World characters. They start dancing. The background fades to orange. "Vyond Home Entertainment" fades in. Then, something happens:

  • First Job: Ms. Read gets her job.
  • Girls' Night: Kate and Ms. Read is going to have a night. They watch TV.
  • Space Swimming: The background is in space and the characters swim.
  • Teen Titans Go to Vyond: The characters spins and suddenly goes to the portal.

FX/SFX: The characters coming, they make a new tab, it reveals we are on Google Chrome, we get Comedy World, we go back to Vyond, he refreshes the page, the video maker makes changes to the 2018 version with Comedy world, the Business Friendly characters change to the Comedy World characters, they’re dancing, the background fading to orange, “Vyond Home Entertainment” fading in, something happens is variant.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st GoArchives logo's music, but dies down when the variants start.

Availability: The first DVD release to use it was First Job.

Editor’s Note: None.