Background: Tom Leaner (born 1947) is a Canadian animator and writer. He works on many projects, such as Friends vs. Foes. In 1980, Tom established a company called Tom Leaner Productions to distribute TV shows and movies. In October 1990, the company decided to team up with Klasky-Csupo, Inc. to form Tom Leaner Klasky-Csupo Productions. However, Tom Leaner Productions still existed as a company that year. Many years later, Tom Leaner Productions founded it's divisions/studios, Tom Leaner Home Entertainment (formerly Tom Leaner Video and Tom Leaner Home Video, which distributes many of TLP's TV shows and movies for home use), Tom Leaner Television (which only distributes TV shows), Rhine Visio Productions (which distributes non-TLP projects), Rhine Visio Sales Distribution, Rhine Visio International Productions (which distributes international projects), Rhine Visio Home Video (which distributes many non-TLP projects, anime, cartoons and movies for home use), Tom Leaner Interactive (formerly Tom Leaner Software and Rhine Visio Games, which distributes many games based on TV shows and movies) and Tom Leaner Animation (which distributes animated movies). Currently, it's a division of Tom Leaner Corporation.