Background: In 2009, Sony Pictures Entertainment resurrected PolyGram Films to distribute new films for TV, theatres and home use. Their first release was Respond: The Movie, which was released on May 21, 2009.


Nicknames: "PolyGram Winged Man II", "The Improved Winged Man", "Icarus II"

Logo: In a blue and rocky landscape, we see a watery pool. All of a sudden, Icarus rises out of the pool and he begins to run fast. As he runs, he unfolds his wings and jumps to the sky, flying. The words "POLYGRAM" and "FILMS" in living crystal then move up from the screen and settle below Icarus. A byline then fades in below all of that. During this, a flash happens behind Icarus and he freezes.

Bylines: Naturally, this logo has a byline:

2009-2014: "a SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT company"

2014-present: "A Sony Company"

Variant: For the logo's first year, there was a special variant of this logo. This variant has the same logo, but when the crystal words move up from the screen, the words in gold "SINCE 1979" and "GOING BEYOND THE WORLD" appear above Icarus with a flashing effect.

FX/SFX: Breathtaking CGI! Compared to the older PolyGram logos!

Music/Sounds: At first, there is air playing in the background and then, a long, majestic tune is heard when Icarus rises out of the pool.

Availability: Current. Seen on any PolyGram movie from 2009 to this year, such as Respond: The Movie, LOL Homer Is Already In This Film, We Shout, No! Toby Wouldn't Go To School!, I Hate Monday Cartoons and more. Also viewed on their website,

Scare Factor: None. It's a well made and majestic logo to look at, but the dark nature could scare or unnerve some. Same goes for the variant. Also, some may not except the gold text appearing above Icarus.