This is all station IDs that is made by princeboadu1.

Also the PTV Park ones:

Station ID List Edit

  • KAET In Phoniex: Science.
  • PBS Kids Noggin (WKVZ In New York, WKVZ In New Brunswick): Newspaper.
  • WNET In New York, New Jersey: Elephant, Dot's Cat.
  • South Georgia Public Television: Everyone's a Winner.

Fanmade Remake Station Identifications Edit

Dot's Cat Edit

Dot thinks of her cat even though Dash interrupts her to it, but she thinks of him being a flower. She continues thinking about the cat. Stations: WNET.


A train with circus animals is shown. Among them is an elephant (which is a certain change of a PTV form) with a carpet on her back. On the carpet is the station logo. Station: WNET In New Jersey, New York, WNET (International).

Everyone's a WinnerEdit

Everyone is spinning the wheel to win until a station logo or a character appears. Station: South Georgia Public Television (WNPR). 


Dash is seen in the city carrying the newspaper and throwing them to houses as Dash's dog catches some. Then, Dash throws a newspaper to the screen that reads "Naughty Puppy Steals Newspaper" with the PBS Kids logo in it. Stations: PBS Kids Noggin. (WKVZ In New York, WCVG In New Brunswick.)

  • PBS Kids Noggin (WKVZ; 2005)Go to
  • PBS Kids Noggin (WKVZ; 2005)Go to PBS Kids Noggin (WKVZ; 2005)