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Logo Evolution

Sky 2007 logo

Requested By ProsafiaGaming (My favourite is Mario Games.)

Sky Channel / One was launched in 1982 with the first channel, Sky One. But untill got a logo in 1985.

Logo 1: The Sky (1985-1989)

Sky 1985 logo

It's a nice video, The next lot a logos is....

Logo 2: The Village (1989-1993)

There is a lot a variants.. But only videos are 4 videos in Sky News variants...

Sky News 1989 logo

Logo 3: The Sky ll (1989-1993)

Sky 1989 logo

Logo 4: No Name (1993-1995)

Sky 1993 logo

I have a variant with Sky News........

Logo 5a: The Big Sky (1995-1996) (Sky News Variant 1995-1997)

Sky 1995 logo

I have a variant with Sky News again....

Logo 5b/6: The Big Sky (1996-1997)

Sky 1996 logo

Logo 7: The Smoking (1997-1998)

Sky 1997 logo

I have variant with Sky News....

Logo 8: The Living (1998-2001)

Sky 1998 logo

I have variant with Sky News...

Logo 9: The Living ll: (2001-2005)

Sky 2001 logo

I have a variant Sky News..

The next logo, nor video and picture....

Logo 10: The Sky lll (2003)

Logo 11: The Topic (2003-2008)

Sky 2003 logo

I have a variant with Sky News...

Logo 12: The Movies and Television (2007-Present)

Sky 2007 logo

Logo 13: The Old Sky (Feb. 12-August 31, 2008)

Sky 2008 logo

The next logo again is no video and a picture is..

Logo 14: No Name (August 2008)

Logo 15: The Sparkling (2008-2012?)

Sky Later 2008 logo

The next's logos are left 2 logos...

Logo 16: The Living (2012/2013?/April 17, 2016)

TBA at all.

Sky 2012 logo

The next logo final is..

Logo 17: The Break (2016- )

Sky 2016 logo