1st Logo


Nickname: This les Gard!

Logo: On a black can fast on girl is a younging emmy from at come from at cool fun from gets a square on 5 throuhout a brigde from huggy best friend butterfly flies at to the rescue at the barn help a sleep bed.


  • Sometimes the website URL appears under the logo. Also on Go Baby! the Granda logo appears below.
  • on Go, Baby!, the granada ident is below the clip.

FX/SFX: A Little Girl Running in the Farm.

Music/Sounds: Only a girl saying This Les Gard!. In Oobi she said dad saying HEY Regarde.

Availibility: Seen on The Wonder Pets! and oobi on Nickelodeon and Noggin Oobi on Noggin (Now Nick Jr. since 2009) and 3rd and bird and Go, Baby! on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior). and Go Baby! on Playhouse Disney

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo

(2009- 2018)

Nickname: Circle

Logo: on a black background, a white circle with a red ring, a red airplane and the littleairplae proudcironbs text in black on it bounces. the copyright info fades below


  • on small patatos, the logo is in credit.
  • on Season 1 of Go, Baby! reboot, the granada ident is below the circle.


Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Avability: current. seen in later episodes of the wonder pets and 3rd and bird on Nick Jr and Noggin. it was aslo seen in small patatos. it's last apperance is in season 1 of Go, Baby Reboot.

Scare Factor: None.

3rd logo


Nicknames: cicle 2, cgi circle

Logo: on a white background, the red airplane flys and lands. a lego person puts on a red ring. then, he starts to draw "Little Airplane" in the same font of before. then, he draws "Productions". it zooms out to reveal it's the circle from the previous logo on a black nbackground. the copyright info fades in. the person walks away.

Variant: on Season 2 of Go, Baby!, the person golds the granada logo. throws the logo.


Music/Sounds: the same girl from the previous logo saying "the [show's title] episode [show's episode] is over. Little Airplane" with the united artists logo's music.

Avability: 1st shown in Small Patatos Reboot.

Scare Favtor: TBA