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This logo is a Dream logo. You can't see it in real life.

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Go!Cartoon Films (Formerly Go!Animation Films) is a Filipino film studio founded by Vyond Pictures (Known as Go!Animate Pictures at the time) in 1985 as the International division of the company. In 1989, The company settled in the Philippines, rather than International. In 1998, Nina Films bought 50% of the company, forming it to become a joint venture.

In 2004, Vyond decided to shut the down the company, however Nina Films did not want this happen, this having Vyond leave in 2005. Nina Films now gained full control of the company.

In 2006, The company was sued by Vyond for using the name "Go!Animate" without license (Since Vyond left the company, this was another way to try to close it down), however, Nina Films changed the name to "Go!Cartoon Entertainment" the same year. Due to law restrictions, Vyond couldn't do anything about this.

To this day, "Go!Cartoon Entertainment" is a company releasing knock-off animated films from studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, and Ironically, Vyond.

Despite being founded in 1985, A logo was not used until 1986.

Go!Animation Films Edit

1st Logo



2nd Logo



3rd Logo



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Go!Cartoon Entertainment Edit

1st Logo

(2006, 2008)

Nicknames: "Stupid Ball", "A Perfect representation of why Filipino Logos are outdated", "This isn't a Pakistan logo"

Logo: We se a beach ball bouncing forming the Name of the company. The beach ball then settles on the top of the logo.

FX/SFX: The Beach Ball bouncing and spinning.

Music/Sounds: A (Badly Done) Orchestra, Probably due to film deterioration (Cuz you know, Philippine logos are outdated), and Bird chirping.

Availability: Only seen on a film from 2006, and another from 2008.

Editor's Note: What even is this? First of all the Ball is squashed and the even shrinks from time to time in the logo. each film print of the logo has one disadvantage. The 2006 appearance is VERY Scratchy, Especially for That Year, and the 2008 Appearance looks cut off, and STILL has some film grain in it! Thank GOD they only used this twice. You would expect this from a Pakistan Logo.


2nd Logo

(2009- )


Nicknames: "Treehouse"

Logo: On a tree house background we see the companies name in blue.

FX/SFX: Fading in and out.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: None.