(2006, 2006-2010-)

Nicknames: "the Boy", "Boy Holding Logo"

Nickname: Bolder Media for Boys and Girls Silhoutte Boy

Logo: On a sky blue BG we see the following words:



on a titled red rectangle with MEDIA in R. Underneath is a red silhoutte boy which holds the logo . a frederator/mixed media grouprator/mixed media group company in black is shown below in lowercase letters.

Trivia: There was a slogan used for the logo.

Variant: The logo has different colors it can be black and white.

FX/SFX: None it's still a logo.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show's th, the Closing theme, or on Wubbzy's Big Movie, it's silent.eme. On Wubbzy's Big Movie! it's silent.

Availibility: Current. Seen on Wow!, Wow Wow Wubby and Wubbzy's Big Movie.! Wubbzy! on Nickelodeon and Dumb Jr. followed by Stars Media or IDIOT Entertaiment logo. It was also seen on Wubby's Big Movie!.

Scare Factor: None.