Background: Big Bad Wolf Interactive is a video game company established in Texas, United States on 2005.


Nicknames: "The Wolf", "The Big Bad Wolf", "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?", "Evil Wolf", "The Big Bad Wolf Logo", "Mother Nature's Nightmare"

Logo: In a dark forest setting with withering trees, dead bushes, and mist, we see the text "BIG BAD WOLF" flash in one-by-one below the screen in an ugly, scratched-out font. "Interactive" folds in below in the Impact font. Suddenly, in the darkness, a shaggy wolf with yellow-flashing eyes and sharp teeth runs into the scene, and we zoom in on his face! Seconds later, he leaps at us, filling the screen with black.


  • On A Forest Horror Story, the background is COMPLETLY removed, the wolf's eyes glow brighter, his teeth are sharper, and to top it all off, we can see skulls in both of his eyes! The text appears via a simple fade in.
  • Some games use a still variant with just the text on a black BG, no wolf.
  • A print version appears on some games like No Need for SpeedCowboy Club, and Build Me Up, Buttercup.
  • On Scratch: The Game, The Wolf is replaced by Scratch cat and doesn't leap at us. instead, a mouse comes and changes the sprite to the logo for Scratch. "The Game" Fades in. then, the background changes to white while the scratch logo and "The Game" zooms out to make room for the two buttons "Play" and "Levels". press play to play the game and press levels to see the levels of the game.

FX/SFX: Computer animation rendered in the engine for the company's games, which became more realistic as the years went on. Goregous animation!

Music/Sounds: A creepy, ominous choir with mist blowing in the background. Then when the wolf appears, a loud fanfare is heard (almost resembling the jingle for the BND logo), accompanied by the wolf's growling. A wolf howl is heard as the screen turns black at the end. on the Scratch the Game Variant, the music is from the 1st Sony Computer Entertainment logo.

Availability: Seen on games made by the company, such as A Forest Horror StoryNo Need for SpeedCowboy ClubBuild Me Up, Buttercup, and more, which are released on the Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Classic, and other consoles.

Scare Factor:

  • Normal variant: High to nightmare. The ominous music, creepy environment, evil-looking wolf staring into your soul, and sudden turn to black at the end are sure to give people heart attacks. The logo definitely matches its title, because the wolf is big and bad. The scare factor is increased to nightmare for those who are afraid of those wild canines, though it is lowered to low to medium for those who expected it and are used to these big bad animals.
  • A Forest Horror Story variant: NIGHTMARE!!! The removal of the background, more menacing wolf, the skulls in his eyes, and retained music and sounds make this even WORSE!
  • Print variant: Low to medium. We still have the big bad wolf, but it's relatively harmless.
  • Still variant: None to low. Since the wolf is removed COMPLETELY, it makes the logo a LOT less scary.
  • Scratch: The Game Variant: Nightmare to none. the cat is friendly and the SCE Music is great. plus, they don't leap never going to black.